Virtually the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your new sink…whether you would like a super massive bowl that is the size of barrel or super tiny bowl the size of an apple. Single, double, triple bowls or more…you can have one or two drainer trays or none. Undermounted or top mount sink. With or without a taphole. You can even order some accessories to suit your new Custom-Made sink.

5 Easy Steps to Designing and Building Your Custom-Made Sink

1. Fill out our 'Custom Sink Template' and send it through to us along with any photos of your existing kitchen where you'd like the sink to go. Our friendly staff can also help with your design if you need, just ask! 

2. We will then officially lock in a competitive quote for you, including shipping
if required. (Yes we can ship Australia-wide)

3. We will send you an engineered CAD Workshop Drawing (Computer-Aided Design) of your custom-made sink for your approval.

4. On approval, 50% deposit is paid and we will commence production of your new custom-made sink.

5. Once the sink is complete, you are invited to come and inspect it (for interstate clients, we will send you a video and/or photos). Your new custom-made sink is now ready to be installed and for you to enjoy.
YES, we can organise to install your new custom-made sink, just ask
our friendly sales staff! (Installs only in Melbourne Metro)

Listed below are a few common questions/queries that we will ask you and help you design your new Custom-Made sink….

Need our help with designing?

We can do an online, instore or onsite sink design consultation.

- Phone, Online or Instore Consultation (Free Service)
We can help you design your New Custom-Made Sink to suit your new or existing kitchen. If you’re replacing your existing sink, please take three photos so we can accurately quote you:

1: From above with the entire sink and bench on each side of the frame.

2: At waist height as far back as possible with doors open in frame.

3: From shin height pointing upwards showing ALL the plumbing and underside of the sink in frame.

(please empty cupboards of contents before taking photos)

Also, measure the exact overall size of width and depth in mm.  Once we have all this information we can help you design your new custom-made sink.

- Onsite Consultation (Fee applies)
We can also do an onsite consultation for you for an additional fee. Currently, only Melbourne Metro is available. 
To organise this, contact our office by phone or email. 
You can send us photos (as listed above) beforehand, it will help us prepare for your consultation.

Are you replacing a sink into the same cutout of your bench top?

Find out what overall size the existing sink is. Before we can draw a CAD (Computer Designed Drawing) we will need 3 photos of the existing sink. A photo from above the sink, a clear photo of all the plumbing under the sink and a photo of the sink taken from approximately 2 metres back with all the cupboard doors opened. It is also imperative that we have the exact size of the cutout on the bench top.

Are you building a new kitchen?

The important things to keep mind is maximum bowl clearance (this is the space in your cabinet carcass) and available bench top area. Your Kitchen manufacturer can help you with these measurements.

What material do you want the sink made from?

Stainless steel is the most common choice. Stainless steel is now also available in a variety of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) colours such as gunmetal, brushed carbon, gold and Brushed Copper…


What is PVD?

PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a coating process where materials are vaporised in a vacuum environment and then deposited onto a surface to create a thin, durable, and high-performance layer. This method is commonly used to enhance the hardness, wear resistance, and appearance of various products. PVD-coated sinks are not only incredibly resilient but also boast a sleek, modern finish that resists tarnishing and discoloration.

Do you have any particular concept design, size and how many bowls etc?

Check out all the sinks you want and make a wish list of what you would like on your sink and we will speak to our engineers and let you know if we can do it.

Is it going to be mounted undercounter, abovecounter, or wall mounted?

There are pros and cons for any of these and it all really boils down to a preference of choice. We strongly DO NOT recommend undercounter sinks be installed onto a particleboard laminated benchtop.

Do you need to have a tap hole landing or any other holes for soap dispenser or filter tap?

We can make your new sink accommodate taps or you can have the taps mounted on the benchtop. Keep in mind. If you wish to have tapware mounted on the sink let your designer know. Again, we do not recommend you have tapware mounted on particleboard laminated bench tops.

How many bowls?

Most common is double bowls or bowl and half. The half bowl is handy for rinsing veggies. Single bowl is often considered for small kitchens and limited space. For specialty requirements you can even have triple or more bowls.

Size of bowl?

This is often one of the most important points especially for chefs and entertainers. Bowl size can be important for safe and clean workspace while hastily cooking and entertaining…also keep in mind that it needs to be big enough to swallow your biggest pot or lasagne tray!

How deep do you want the bowls?

You can make the bowls as shallow or as deep as you want! We have made bowls deep enough to drown and soak huge quantities of vegetables or shallow.

Drainer tray or not?

Drainer trays on sinks is not as popular as yesteryear but are still favoured by the hardcore cooking pros…the drainer trays are not just used for drying dishes…it can also be used as a sanitary grade stainless steel surface for food prepping.

Does it suit my “lifestyle” and or my home?

This is probably the most profound question to answer…If you have a large family home of 6 people and a busy kitchen environment then it would make sense to have a sink with larger bowls and space to accommodate… and if you live in a studio apartment then having a huge sink would probably not fit in and be over-dominating the kitchen work space. Consider that the sink is an important tool and must also be in sync (pun intended 😊) with the style, functionality and vogue of the rest of the home. This is where colour and design can make really make a difference…


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