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Custom Product FAQs

1. Can you make a sink to the exact configuration that I need?

Yes, we can make it in virtually any configuration you want. Some of the most common options are; single or double or triple bowl, single or double dish drainer trays, undercounter or abovecounter or wall mount. We can even do apron sinks or commercial sink too!

2. How do I design a Custom-Made Kitchen Sink?

Our friendly staff will help you design your new Custom-Made Kitchen Sink and will go through all the options and draw the concept design for you. We will then officially lock in a competitive quote for you. Then we will order Engineer Workshop Drawing for you to approve.

3. What sort of materials and finishes can I get?

We can make your Custom-Made Kitchen Sink in stainless steel or in any Corian® colour.

4. Where are the sinks made?

We have manufacturing facilities in Australia and abroad.

5. What kind of stainless steel are the sinks made from?

As a standard our domestic Custom-Made Kitchen Sinks are made from Japanese or Australian 304 grade stainless steel in 1.2mm thickness. As a special order we can also manufacture it in 316 grade stainless steel if your sink needs to be installed in a marine, laboratory or highly corrosive environment.

6. What material are the coloured sinks made from?

Our Custom-Made coloured sinks are made from Corian®. Which comes in a variety of different colours and textures. Please note there are limited sizes for Corian® bowls.

7. How long will it take to make my Custom-Made Kitchen Sink?

As a rule of thumb manufacturing normally takes approximately 8-10 weeks from when the official engineer workshop drawings are approved.

8. Can I get the sink delivered quicker?

Yes, we can express airfreight which will be 4-6 weeks for an additional fee of approximately $650. (prices will vary for larger sinks)

9. How do I order a Custom-Made Kitchen Sink?

After we have designed and quoted your Custom-Made the sink and “locked in” the price we will then generate the official Engineer Work Drawings in CAD format (Computer Aided Design Drawing see example). You will then get a copy of the work drawings and once you have approved it, we will require a 50% deposit.

Upon completion we will send you photos and video of the completed sink (or you can visit our store and inspect it). You pay the balance and we will dispatch your new Custom-Made Kitchen Sink (or you can drive away with you new sink 😊).

10. Are there accessories available for the sink?

Yes, there are many different accessories that can be made for some sinks like chopping boards, dish baskets, colanders, trays. Just ask the consultant.

11. Do Custom-Made Kitchen Sinks come with a guarantee?

Yes, all Custom-Made Kitchen Sinks come with 25 year Integrity Guarantee on the stainless steel.

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