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Everything about the kitchen sink

How important is the kitchen sink? Well imagine how life would be without the sink in your kitchen….not only would your kitchen be incomplete it would be deemed completely useless. The kitchen sink is an essential tool that is required for many different tasks and not just to wash your dishes (that’s what dishwashers are supposed to be for!)

Let’s face it the kitchen is where all our meals are prepared in our homes, now just think about how your kitchen sink makes life easier for you…cleansing your hands for food prep, washing your fresh vegetables to dice and slice for your yummy meals, straining your favourite meals like pastas and rice, adding water to some of your delicious recipes or just a simple glass of drinking water….oh and yes I nearly forgot, you can also wash your piling dirty dishes too (if you don’t own a dishwasher).

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen is making sure that you new sink is functional to your lifestyle. Functional being the key word here, for example if you have a family of six it would not make sense to have a single bowl sink. And if you a single and live on your own in a small apartment it makes no sense to get a large deep double bowl and drainer sink. This sounds rather simplistic but is very often overlooked.

The second thing to keep in mind is fitting a sink that fits and suits the size and design of the kitchen. Sometimes there just isn't enough room to fit the big sink so you need to keep some considerations on this.

Finally you should choose a style/design that suits your decor. There are many different styles of sinks, there are undermount or above counter sinks, square or round cornered sinks and various different drainer patterns from thin ribs to thicker ones, fan shaped or plain flat and there’s even dotted ones too.

So there you have it…the kitchen sink is not only for washing those dreaded dishes it is an important tool. So when your planning your new kitchen remember to choose a sink that suits your lifestyle.

In the upcoming blogs I will explain the differences of stainless steel qualities for kitchen sinks, how sinks are designed and made, designing tips for your new kitchen, kitchen appliance tips, delicious cooking recipes and more…

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