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If We Can Make It You Can Have It!

All custom sinks are hand crafted and made with only the best materials!

Your Options Are Endless

Single Bowl

Sleek single bowl sink for streamlined kitchen functionality. Perfect for compact spaces

Double Bowl

Versatile double bowl sink for efficient kitchen tasks. Ideal for multitasking and larger spaces

Triple Bowl

Triple bowl sink maximizes kitchen efficiency with separate compartments.

Any Configuration

Discover ultimate versatility with our sinks offering any configuration you desire. Whether it's single, double, or triple bowls, we tailor solutions to your specific needs.

 Any size

Versatile sinks in any size you need, tailored to fit your kitchen perfectly. Sleek designs and premium quality ensure seamless integration into any space.

1 or 2 drainer trays

Personalize your sink with 1 or 2 drainer trays for tailored convenience. Premium design merges functionality and style for enhanced organization and efficiency

Designing & Building Your Custom Made Sink


Send us: 1. A photo or plan of your kitchen and where you would like to install the sink. 2. A simple sketch of how you would like the sink to look like. This does not have to be fully detailed (our engineers will do that 😊). Include sizes and any other wishes you have. If we need more information, we will ask you.


We will quote you on the total price. Including shipping if required (yes we can ship Australia-wide).


We will send you an Engineer Workshop Drawing CAD (Computer Aided Design) of your Custom-Made Kitchen Sink for your approval.


Once your design is approved and 50% deposit paid, we will commence the manufacturing of the sink. This will take approximately 8-10 weeks.


We’ll either deliver your sink or you can pick it up! Receive your new sink, install, and then enjoy. YES, we can organise to install your new Custom-Made Kitchen Sink – just ask our friendly sales staff.

Available Colours

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