Fitting laundry time into any day can be an overwhelming task. However, with a laundry trough, you can save some of your precious time. A laundry trough is a deep and large inset tub that have a drain to facilitate multiple concurrent laundry tasks. You can pre-soak, wash, and drain a set of dirty clothes in the trough while your washing machine handles another set. You can also utilise one as a drain for your washing machine to avoid possible overflowing.

A laundry trough is multipurpose and can be adjusted to cater to one or more uses. You can even install one for messier duties such as washing with bleach, dyeing clothes, or tackling deeply stained clothes. There are inset troughs, which you can install into an existing laundry set up, or troughs attached to wood or metal cabinets for your convenience. These come in various capacities and are often made from stainless steel. Many also come with a bypass kit, which allows your washing machine to drain without its refuse getting into the trough. This means you can use the actual bowl for a completely different purpose in tandem with the machine. If you’re not using one or more troughs, then it is highly recommended that you invest to save you time that you can dedicate to other important tasks around the house.

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