The difference in design choices of various households shows that all kitchens are not created equal. While the general purpose of kitchens is identical, the wants and needs of individuals are subjective and varied. You may prefer a simple, functional, minimalistic look in your kitchen, or you may prefer a capacity driven, multitasking setup. Thus, the question of what kitchen sink to purchase can be challenging to answer. Kitchen sinks should always reflect the extent of the kitchen’s use whether they are compact or spacious. The shapes, sizes, capacity, and feel are all factors that are varied at best.

Kitchen sinks are usually installed undermount, top mounted, or inset in the counter. There are all types of sinks out there, including single and double bowl sinks plus 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 1 ¾ bowl sinks. Sinks also come in various shapes, including rectangular, round or oval shapes. In addition to the stainless steel, timbre reinforcements are used to further boost the strength of the sinks. You also have to consider all of the different brands that are available, including Ariette, Cello, Grande, Evier, Rondo, Yakka, Piato, Punto and Tandi. Features also might come into play, including things such as removable plugs, strainers, and optional tapholes. Some available sinks also have optional drainer areas, which are located either on the left, on the right, or on both sides. Noise dampening is also available and achieved using sound deadening pads.

As a customer centric business, Mr. Sink offers customers the ability to design their sink if none of the existing offerings meets their needs. This can be done using the vast library of feature and material combinations, along with your personalised design vision. You can submit your design via phone or email and information is then provided on their ability to accommodate it. All the sinks are durable, and each product comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, which is a testament to the fact that it has a wonderful selection of kitchen sinks.