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Bathroom Vanity Units: Find Now

Thursday, 4 April 2019 1:35:19 AM Australia/Sydney

When you’re creating the perfect bathroom to suit your specific needs, you must consider various options for your bathroom vanity, as it is a big component of the set up. Bathroom vanity units are selected and installed to accommodate your bathroom basin, and they also provide storage space for amenities and other products. When considering options, factors such as a half vs a full bathroom come into play as they have different requirements. Additionally, the desired look and the required features greatly affect your choice. A carefully planned design for your bathroom can speed up the selection process. Fortunately, there is a wide variety for you to choose from.

Bathroom vanity units occupy a fair space and are a staple in the completion of your bathroom. They are made from moisture resistant MDF wood and range in size from 600 mm x 500 mm x 900 mm to 1200 mm x 460 mm x 870 mm in length, width, and height respectively. There are numerous customisation options such as: multiple drawers and cabinets, one hole or three holes variations, multiple tap accommodation, inclusion or non-inclusion of handles. They can be suspended from the ground or fitted against the floor with a recessed install (which has the vanity fixed inside the wall), or a semi recessed install (to increase stability).

Mr. Sink has bathroom vanities that have soft closing doors and drawers to minimise noise. The company’s Aussie series, which is certified Australian made, and Lena series are made from the finest quality materials, and all units are available for delivery island wide. Shipments are covered by a courier insurance policy to ensure safe delivery, and the products are covered by a three-year warranty. You can trust this company to provide a great selection for your bathroom vanity units in addition to superb customer service.

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Kitchen Sinks: The Best Selection

Thursday, 4 April 2019 1:38:02 AM Australia/Sydney

The difference in design choices of various households shows that all kitchens are not created equal. While the general purpose of kitchens is identical, the wants and needs of individuals are subjective and varied. You may prefer a simple, functional, minimalistic look in your kitchen, or you may prefer a capacity driven, multitasking setup. Thus, the question of what kitchen sink to purchase can be challenging to answer. Kitchen sinks should always reflect the extent of the kitchen’s use whether they are compact or spacious. The shapes, sizes, capacity, and feel are all factors that are varied at best.

Kitchen sinks are usually installed undermount, top mounted, or inset in the counter. There are all types of sinks out there, including single and double bowl sinks plus 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 1 ¾ bowl sinks. Sinks also come in various shapes, including rectangular, round or oval shapes. In addition to the stainless steel, timbre reinforcements are used to further boost the strength of the sinks. You also have to consider all of the different brands that are available, including Ariette, Cello, Grande, Evier, Rondo, Yakka, Piato, Punto and Tandi. Features also might come into play, including things such as removable plugs, strainers, and optional tapholes. Some available sinks also have optional drainer areas, which are located either on the left, on the right, or on both sides. Noise dampening is also available and achieved using sound deadening pads.

As a customer centric business, Mr. Sink offers customers the ability to design their sink if none of the existing offerings meets their needs. This can be done using the vast library of feature and material combinations, along with your personalised design vision. You can submit your design via phone or email and information is then provided on their ability to accommodate it. All the sinks are durable, and each product comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, which is a testament to the fact that it has a wonderful selection of kitchen sinks.

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Laundry Trough: Save Time

Thursday, 4 April 2019 1:38:22 AM Australia/Sydney

Fitting laundry time into any day can be an overwhelming task. However, with a laundry trough, you can save some of your precious time. A laundry trough is a deep and large inset tub that have a drain to facilitate multiple concurrent laundry tasks. You can pre-soak, wash, and drain a set of dirty clothes in the trough while your washing machine handles another set. You can also utilise one as a drain for your washing machine to avoid possible overflowing.

A laundry trough is multipurpose and can be adjusted to cater to one or more uses. You can even install one for messier duties such as washing with bleach, dyeing clothes, or tackling deeply stained clothes. There are inset troughs, which you can install into an existing laundry set up, or troughs attached to wood or metal cabinets for your convenience. These come in various capacities and are often made from stainless steel. Many also come with a bypass kit, which allows your washing machine to drain without its refuse getting into the trough. This means you can use the actual bowl for a completely different purpose in tandem with the machine. If you’re not using one or more troughs, then it is highly recommended that you invest to save you time that you can dedicate to other important tasks around the house.

Mr. Sink is a top-notch supplier of all types of basins, including troughs that can be used for laundry. These troughs are much larger than a typical basin, and they are highly durable, providing you with plenty of room for your cleansing purposes. In addition to the high-quality products that this company provides, it also has excellent customer service and people come back again and again for products. A laundry trough is made to make your life easier.

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Laundry Cabinets: How They Work

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 9:35:32 PM Australia/Sydney

If you’re like most homeowners in Australia, you know that you need to organise the laundry room above all else. Most people have cramped spaces, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have plenty of shelving and ways to pre-treat without having to go to another room of the house. Laundry cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, and options, but they all offer more storage space for the laundry room. Some of them also come with laundry tubs built into the top (sometimes called sinks). You can store all the cleaning supplies you need for doing laundry, pre-treat, wash your hands, hand-wash delicate items, and so much more.

Laundry cabinets work just like any other cabinet, but they usually have a sink atop them. That way, you can save space and still have everything you require to do laundry effectively and efficiently. Most people don’t think of the benefits of having a sink in the laundry, but you’ve probably gotten aggravated plenty of times when you had to stop what you were doing, go into the bathroom (or kitchen) and wash the splashed detergent off your hands. You’ve also probably knocked over the soap or kept it on the dryer and gotten a sticky mess over the many uses it gets. Neither of those issues would happen with a cabinet with a tub.

Mr Sink has many products designed to make your life more comfortable. Laundry cabinets are a popular choice right now, and you’ll find many options available here. You can also find bowls if you already have a cabinet and need to replace just the sink. You’ll find dual sinks with two or three cabinets, but you can also find single cabinets by themselves or single cabinets with sinks. That way, you have many options and can choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Stainless Steel Sinks: Why Consider

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 9:39:40 PM Australia/Sydney

You may not realise it, but more homeowners in Australia use stainless steel sinks than any other material. They’re used in architectural, industrial, residential, and culinary applications. It’s a low-carbon steel that contains up to 10.5 percent chromium, which gives it the unique corrosion-resistant, stainless properties you’ve come to know and love. Of course, you’ll also like that these sinks are relatively inexpensive, depending on the type you choose and what is included. For example, the price is likely to be higher if you choose a different shape than the traditional rectangle/square or if it also includes a built-in cabinet below.

Stainless steel sinks are highly durable. They’re designed to last for many decades. Of course, the sink is always full of water or has water running through it, which means it has to be strong and tough. The steel is also lightweight, which means you might be able to choose a larger bowl without worrying about supporting the structure. Therefore, you don’t have to buy extra things to support the weight of the sink while still having something large and impressive. Stainless steel is also very easy to care for, and you can use a variety of chemicals on it without fear. It’s suitable for laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Mr Sink has a variety of stainless steel sinks available for purchase. The options for them are limitless. You can choose just the sink itself to install in a current setting. You can choose from rectangular, circular, and square styles, as well as single-bowl and double-bowl varieties. You can also choose single-bowl versions with a second ‘covered’ bowl so that you can dry dishes or use it as a temporary storage option. If that weren’t enough, you can also choose tubs with cabinets, which are suitable for laundry rooms. Vanity units are also available, which can be wall-hung or freestanding and go in the bathroom.

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